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Colourful Skegness

At the beginning of August I took a trip to Skegness, a place I haven’t visited since a day trip as a small child. I just really fancied seeing the sea and enjoying some fresh cooked British seaside fish and…

Little Newborn Teddy

When I met Teddy he was a tiny eleven days old. He made an appearance into the world on Thursday the 16th June at 8.14am, after a very long labour! Poor mum! But it was sure to be worth every little…

Boho-chic Bridal Shoot

The shoot… Back in June I did a Boho-chic Bridal Shoot. I was inspired by boho fashion as it is becoming fast on trend again, and its a particular look I love. I like the quirkiness, the mish mash of eras and how creative…

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