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Jasmin & Sam’s Engagement Shoot

Jasmin&Sam-14Jasmin and Sam…

At the beginning of September I had the pleasure of doing Jasmin and Sam’s pre-wedding engagement shoot. Just under a year ago Sam had proposed to Jasmin at Wollaton Hall, so they decided this was where they would like their shoot to be as it was special to them. The hall is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s and stands on a prominent hill in Wollaton Park in Nottingham. The hall is now Nottingham’s natural history museum.

When I found out this pair loved Harry Potter and they wanted to do the shoot at Wollaton Hall, I knew we could have great fun with the shoot. The hall even looks a bit similar to Hogwarts!

How they met and how Sam proposed…

Sam and Jasmin met back in 2009 at a party and then started talking to each other online. A week after  the party they decided to met up, Jasmin spent most of the date laughing and giggling at anything that came out of Sam’s mouth, which Sam thought was cute! Sam was very smitten with Jasmin and he cut to the chase a couple of days later and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Six years later, on the 18th October 2015 Sam took Jasmin over to Wollaton Park, where he planned to propose. The previous day Sam had been over to Nottingham to choose the perfect ring. Remembering all the hints, and things she had mentioned she liked over the months, Sam finally found the right one!Jasmin&Sam-64-1

They both love going on walks, especially in the autumn and it was the most beautiful day at Wollaton Hall. Sam had the ring in his back pocket. Jasmin kept trying to put her arm around Sams waist but Sam knew that she would find the ring so he found a way to hold her hand all morning. They walked towards the back of the park and walked up a pathway that lead far into the distance with trees either side of the path. The autumn leaves were falling off the trees and the sun was gleaming through them. Sam knew this was the perfect time. He checked to make sure no one was around as Jasmin isn’t a big fan of crowds, this was the moment, the nerves came flooding back, even though he felt he knew what the answer would be, he felt sick. Sam put his phone on record to capture the moment and got down on one knee and in the quietest voice he could of asked her in he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she said, ‘Yes’ of course! Sam said it was such an amazing feeling and they celebrated later that day…

Jasmin and Sam review

The shoot…

On a Sunday afternoon we met at Wollaton Hall. It was the most beautiful day, the sun was shinning and blue swept across the sky with very few clouds in sight. For the shoot we had a variety of props for the Harry Potter theme (The Hogwarts wooden box, books, mug) and various other bits to get creative. The hall has a lovely surrounding deer park and gardens, so we started the shoot near the lake and set up a picnic. Jasmin and Sam celebrated with champagne, cupcakes and sparklers and then Sam read bits of the Harry Potter book to Jasmin. They both had the giggles at this point!

We headed up to the back of the hall to take some shots with the beautiful architecture of the hall. To get to the back of the hall, there is a small passage that leads up through trees from the side of the park. We took various shots in the passage as it let through some lovely lighting, before taking shots around the hall.

Sam then took us down to the place he proposed to Jasmin, between the trees on a path far at the back of the park. The light was a beautiful golden colour at this stage and made some lovely shots.

This pair were great fun throughout the shoot… like anyone, they were a bit nervous at first but they completely relaxed after the first few photographs and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot…

Jasmin&Sam-2Jasmin&Sam-1-1Jasmin&Sam-3Jasmin&Sam-5Jasmin&Sam-7-1Jasmin&Sam-8 Jasmin&Sam-9 Jasmin&Sam-13Jasmin&Sam-28 Jasmin&Sam-15-1Jasmin&Sam-20Jasmin&Sam-19Jasmin&Sam-18-1Jasmin&Sam-21Jasmin&Sam-32 Jasmin&Sam-34Jasmin&Sam-37-1Jasmin&Sam-41Jasmin&Sam-45Jasmin&Sam-44-1Jasmin&Sam-47 Jasmin&Sam-48Jasmin&Sam-53-1 Jasmin&Sam-51 Jasmin&Sam-59 Jasmin&Sam-62 Jasmin&Sam-65 Jasmin&Sam-64 Jasmin&Sam-66 Jasmin&Sam-68

If you have just got engaged and are interested in having some fun and relaxed photographs together, please get in touch I would love to hear from you. You can see my services page for more details about packages.

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