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Jodie & Ollie’s Engagement Shoot

Jodie&Ollie-26So you just got engaged…

If you think about it, it may seem tiny in time but its actually HUGE!… something has happened that’s going to impact the rest of life.

You found someone, they found you, you fell in love and they fell in love with you too.

You have chose to commit to each other and spend the rest of your lives together. You may even decide to bring and raise a family into the world…

This special moment can be captured in photographs for you to look back on at anytime for years to come and treasure forever…

Jodie and Ollie…

In mid August I had the delight of meeting Jodie and Ollie to photograph their pre-wedding engagement shoot. We met at the local country park on a Sunday afternoon. It was overcast when we met but the weather soon changed and the sun was shining down on us. Perfect for a shoot! I always like to get to know my couples so before I tell you more about the shoot, first let me tell you a little about Jodie and Ollie…

How they met…

Jodie and Ollie first met on a night out on the tiles in Melton Mowbray in late September 2014. Both had ventured out with friends for a ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ night out. After visiting Melton’s finest pubs the only place to head to is Tubes nightclub, in other words it is known as The Big ‘T’. Amongst the boys there was Ollie’s brother, Ben who Jodie already knew because her brother used to be flat mates with him. So anyway they got chatting and after the big night out it wasn’t long before Ollie asked Jodie to go for a drink… it must have been love at first sight! On the date, they hit it off like a house on fire and he soon asked her to be his girlfriend. It was on a Halloween night out while Jodie was dressed  as Jigsaw from the movie, Saw, Jodie words, ‘Not my most attractive look’. Obviously Ollie saw past this, and knew he had met someone special. Within pretty much 2 months, Jodie had moved in with him at his mums…


The big question!

Ollie knew that Jodie’s dream place to go was Paris, so being very romantic Ollie planned a trip (8 months in advance) to visit for Jodie’s 21st Birthday. Everyone knew apart from Jodie. Ollie surprised Jodie with the news of the trip on Valentines day, to which she was ecstatic!

They arrived in Paris on February 27th the day before Jodie’s Birthday. The skies were blue and the sun was shinning, a little chilly because of the time of year but that didn’t stop these too having a great time. That evening Ollie took Jodie to see the Eiffel Tower. Every hour the Eiffel Tower lights up with lots of sparkling lights bringing the monument to life and as you can imagine a beautiful atmosphere. Ollie proposed to Jodie on the hour, when all the gorgeous lights were sparkling, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him and of course she said, ‘Yes!’. He then took her for a romantic meal with champagne to a restaurant that overlooked the tower. The following day he took her to see the Moulin Rouge, which was something Jodie had always wanted to do, she absolutely loved it.

Jodie and Ollie review

The Shoot!

These guys were up for having some fun with the shoot so we used colourful heart confetti, balloons and smoke bombs. We also wanted to include a little bit of Paris as this place is special to Jodie and Ollie as its where they got engaged, so we used a miniature Eiffel Tower ornament. Jodie and Ollie were awesome on the shoot and you can see in the photographs how natural and relaxed they are with each other. Thanks for letting me take your photographs Jodie and Ollie, it was a pleasure!

If you have just got engaged and are interested in having some fun and relaxed, gorgeous pictures together, please get in touch I would love to hear from you. You can see my services page for more details about packages.

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