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Colourful Skegness


At the beginning of August I took a trip to Skegness, a place I haven’t visited since a day trip as a small child. I just really fancied seeing the sea and enjoying some fresh cooked British seaside fish and chips. It’s not always the first place people think of to visit if they want to see the sea, as its not the most picturesque, but I had a keen interest in visiting, as I wanted to see if the place had changed.

The place hadn’t changed at all (from what I can remember all those years ago), maybe a few more rides and shops but that was it…

The day started off rather nice, beautiful blue skies and the sun was shining. In a typical British weather way it soon changed to cloudy skies. I did manage to get a few shots whilst the blue sky and sun was still out! Whilst I was there I was particularly interested in the signage. It had a retro feel to it, well also like the fairground rides, with the neon lighting and bold brash colours. It all had a very American diner feel to it. I guess as a small child I had not noticed this, as little eyes are too interested in building sand castle’s, eating lots of yummy ice-cream and candy floss until you feel sick. Obviously we all know what a fairground and seaside town looks like but I was now viewing it from a photographers eye. The sun cast lovely shadows on the lettering and the metal and glass reflected the colours and details just wonderfully, adding more depth and detail to the photographs. It really was worth the visit!

In the editing process I decided I wanted to accentuate these colours and details as these were the most interesting part of my visit. Skegness is a place that can often look quite dreary and miserable, but the sun is out and if you look for those little details it really can look quite beautiful. So if you do happen to visit (maybe next year now!), look out for them, you may see something else that catches your eye!…

Skeg-2 Skeg-3 Skeg-4 Skeg-5 Skeg-6 Skeg-8 Skeg-9 Skeg-10 Skeg-11 Skeg-12 Skeg-13 Skeg-15 Skeg-16 Skeg-17 Skeg-18 Skeg-19 Skeg-20 Skeg-21 Skeg-22 Skeg-23 Skeg-24 Skeg-26 Skeg-27 Skeg-28 Skeg-29 Skeg-30 Skeg-31 Skeg-32 Skeg-33 Skeg-34 Skeg-35 Skeg-36 Skeg-37 Skeg-38 Skeg-39 Skeg-40 Skeg-41 Skeg-42 Skeg-43 Skeg-44 Skeg-45 Skeg-46 Skeg-47 Skeg-48 Skeg-49 Skeg-50 Skeg-51 Skeg-52 Skeg-53

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