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Joe Joe (On Location Portrait Shoot)

Portrait Shoots…

When it comes to portrait shoots I like to shoot on location, this maybe the local park, a favourite family place (I am happy to travel!), or even in your home. It means that we can get a bit more inventive with the setting! It maybe a photoshoot for a birthday, or you may even have a theme such as, cowboys and indians, super heroes, a fairytale character, princes and princesses , etc… I love to get creative and go with any ideas you may have! I have a natural, relaxed approach to my photography that captures your child’s personality, and provides a lasting reminder of a moment in their childhood that will stay with you for years to come.

By photographing on location, I am able to capture photographs of them having fun in their own environment either at a favourite place or at home. Obviously the Great British weather can be very unpredictable at times, and if it does rain we can arrange another date for dry weather if you would prefer!  but I am happy to shoot in the rain. We can use umbrellas and wear wellington boots, and maybe splash in some puddles too! If you would like gorgeous warm lighting I do suggest booking a shoot for golden hour. It really can make your photographs magical!

Joe Joe’s Shoot…

Back in August I had the pleasure of photographing little two year old Joe Joe. I met mum, Romana and Joe Joe at Play Close Park in Melton Mowbray on a warm sunny afternoon. If you aren’t located in Melton Mowbray its a great place to visit for a family picnic, there’s a kids play area and the River Eye runs through the centre so there are plenty of ducks to feed!

We stopped for a quick ice-cream at the cafe, where I took a few snaps of Joseph on the bench before we headed over the road to the gorgeous Memorial Gardens. The flowers were in full bloom and it looked beautiful, making a perfect back drop for the shots. The Gardens date back to the Elizabethan time and overlooks Egerton Park. The two main flower beds are set out in the design of the Victoria cross and the side garden makes a great woodland walk with mature pine trees.Rom Review

As soon as we approached the gardens little Joe Joe was quite happy to run around exploring, and then out came the bubbles! Joe Joe was fascinated by them and had so much fun. Not long after that, he found the steps up to the terrace which he ran up and down, like a yoyo, back and forth and every now and then he stopped to peek his head through the archways to say ‘hi’.

The last part of the photoshoot was in the woodland area of the gardens. Joe Joe had great fun playing ‘peek a boo’ around the trees and finding pine cones on the ground. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from the shoot!

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A portrait shoot can be anything from babies, children, to families, or headshots. For more information and to tell me any ideas you may have, please get in touch for a quote, prices start from £90…Joe-2 Joe-4 Joe-6 Joe-7 Joe-8Joe-10Joe-12Joe-13Joe-15Joe-18Joe-26Joe-28Joe-32Joe-34Joe-20Joe-22Joe-23Joe-25Joe-31Joe-35Joe-37Joe-41Joe-36Joe-42Joe-44Joe-46Joe-50Joe-48Joe-51

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