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Boho-chic Bridal Shoot

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The shoot…

Back in June I did a Boho-chic Bridal Shoot. I was inspired by boho fashion as it is becoming fast on trend again, and its a particular look I love. I like the quirkiness, the mish mash of eras and how creative you can be.

My model had long luscious blonde hair, which was perfect for the shoot (The model styled her own hair and make up). I chose flowers with a bit of a colour punch as I wanted them to reflect the well known colour hype in the 1960s, as seen in the psychedelic art and clothing (the hippy era).

The top half of the dress was fitted with straps with beautiful lace and beading detail, the bottom half was floaty to give that lose ‘boho’ look, and was finished with a beautiful lace up back. No jewellery was worn for the shoot, as I wanted the focus on the flowers and dress. The model’s look was completed with a flower crown in her hair and a beautiful bouquet of flowers tied with some vintage lace and ribbon.

I chose to do the shoot in the local area as Leicestershire has lovely scenic countryside. Most of the shoot took place at Thorpe Arnold, at St. Mary’s C of E Parish Church: St Mary the Virgin Church, surrounding rural areas and the Melton Mowbray Country Park. I experimented with a variety of compositions and on the final edits added a touch of ‘colour pop’ to the flowers.

If you are thinking about having a ‘Boho-chic’ themed wedding please see below for some ideas…

So what exactly is a bohemian wedding theme?

If you are looking for lace, flowers crowns, loose clothing and wild flowers, this style is perfect for you! The trend tends to be flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, with natural-looking hair and makeup. Hair is usually down and wavy/ loose curls or loosely tied up to give an ‘effortless’ look. The style is mainly influenced by various bohemian and hippie fashions and was highly popular in the 1960s.

You really can choose any colour theme for ‘boho-chic’ and there are so many cool accessories you can use to set the theme. When your looking for a boho dresses, floaty, unstructured gowns are the one to go for. It can be short, long, lace, layered, detailed it’s up to you. A boho bride tends to be a relaxed, unfussy bride!

When choosing flowers you can go for bold and colourful to anything pastel, they can be fresh or dried.  To create the boho look go wild! Mismatching flowers in an array of jars, these maybe coloured or have little bits of lace or twine tied around the tops. They look gorgeous and are incredibly boho! Your bouquet must have that effortless look again, unstructured and lose. You can purchase flowers from your local florists or if your going for the dry flower look you can purchase online at stores like Etsy or Folksy. Theres plenty to choose from!

I always think of nature for Boho. You can use materials like feathers, wood, moss, lace and ribbons. Vintage or mismatching crockery and furniture will set the theme.

Boho venues can range from the sunny beach, beautiful countryside fields, your backyard, romantic woods to that hippy festival vibe or perhaps its a cool quirky place you have in mind. The list is endless… you can make it how you want it to be!

Credit to:  Model- Claire Brown,   Flowers- Dinky Flower Design- Nicola Cross,   Model’s tan- Eternal tanning- Heidi Hurd

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