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Harriette and Leo (Wedding at Frisby followed by Stapleford Park)


Harriette and Leo tied the knot at St Thomas of Canterbury Church at Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire on Saturday 23rd July. Frisby is a quaint little village and the church is a lovely venue for a marriage, tucked out of the way down a little street called Church Lane. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and blue skies were out in full force. The sun gave the ironstone on the church a lovely golden glow. Very picturesque!

Leading up to the church on the railings and fences were elegantly placed pretty peach ribbons and bows and floral decorations. All perfectly positioned to lead you to the church. The florals were full of luscious lilies, daisies and other greenery.

The wedding guests soon filled the church and a crowd of friends also gathered outside to wait to see the bride as she arrived at the church. As guests entered the church they were given an Order of Service booklet and a little cream organza bag with some confetti and bubbles inside to use after the ceremony.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Leo eagerly awaited his future wife at the front of the church whilst talking to his best men. A few minutes after noon in walked the flower girl (Harriette’s niece) dressed in lace ivory dress with a peach sash, with a pretty flower crown in her hair and holding a sign saying, ‘Leo here comes your bride’.  Then in walked the beautiful bride ‘arm in arm’ with her proud father. Harriette looked stunning in her Suzanne Neville lace wedding dress. Her hair was up and she wore a cathedral length veil with a delicate lace trimming. Following the bride were the six bridesmaids dressed in peach floor length dresses with a beaded detail around the waist. There were several readings throughout the ceremony and singer Rosie Morris sang Hallelujah whilst the bride and groom signed the registers.

The guests made their way to Stapleford Park after the celebrations at the church. As the guests arrived they were greeted with a glass of chilled prosecco as they entered the orangery. The orangery and grand hall were decorated beautifully. Harriette and Leo had a travel theme that ran throughout all of their wedding stationery. The main theme of the wedding that they chose to focus on was Mallorca as it is a particular favourite holiday destination for the bride and groom. The table plan was a vintage map of Mallorca and each table (a luggage tag design) was a name of place they had visited on the island. On some of the tables there were gorgeous little jars of flowers and large vases on others, cute little luggage place name tags, photo props and they were finished off with pretty rose petals and diamond table confetti.

The guests celebrated till late in the evening and had a brilliant day. I know the bride and groom would certainly love to do the day all over again! Thanks to Harriette and Leo for letting me capture their story…

A little credit to:   Makeup- Makeup with Dren    Dress- Suzanne Neville   Cake- Leo’s Mum   Band- Mighty Persuaders                      Hair- Leigh-Indy’s    Flowers- Sue Eggleston, Harriette’s Nan and Friend    Stationery- Katy Halford Stationery

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